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2020 Perth
2-4 September 2020
2nd - 4th SEPTEMBER 2020
With some 12 months to go. The WA reunion organisers have been busy since the expression of interest for the WA reunion were sent out. Capably lead by Nicola Carson. Location and Events: The reunion venue is the Hyatt Regency Perth WA. 99 Adelaide Terrace Perth WA 6000 For Reservations phone: (08) 92251234 To avail the special rates for us you will need the booking code: This will be posted in a couple of days? The planned program is : Wednesday 2 September 2020 Radar Plotters Report. Place: Gershwin’s Bar. Time: 1800 to 2200. Cost: $85 per person. Includes: Selection of Canapes and Drinks Package. Thursday 3 September 2020 AGM Ops Room Association. Place: Plaza Ballroom 3. Time:1000 to 1200 Cost: Free for Financial Members of the ORA Thursday 3 September 2020 Below Decks Place: North Ball Room. Time:1900 to 2300 Cost: $135 per person. Includes: Buffet Menu and Drinks package. Other events are being planned for non-members on Thursday 3 September during the AGM and a trip/ tour on Friday 4 September. All to be advised at a later date. Total cost for attendees for these 3 events is $220 per person of which $70 per person, will be non-refundable. A Reunion Registration form will need to be completed. (Click Here) to be taken to the Registration Form. Payments for the Reunion: Ops Room Reunion Account details:- WESTPAC BANK BSB 037 604 Account No 345 818 Reference Name or Official Number or ORA Badge number. Please email the Secretary/Treasurer when you have deposited the funds, once monies have been cleared an email receipt will be issued. Accommodation Package at the Hyatt Regency: A group rate has been organised for up to 3 days before and after the reunion dates. Additional reservation requests will be subject to availability only upon request. Single Rates: $189, and Double Rates: $209. To avail the special rates for us you will need the booking code: RDF RP CSO Reunion Code: G-4E1C Reservations Telephone number is 13 12 34 If you would like to book your own accommodation by using a website especially setup for the 2020 Perth Reunion please (Click Here) Please be advised that you will be leaving the Ops Room Association website. Reunion Rabbits: Details of rabbits will be announced at a later date.
Attribution for the picture is: From Creative Commons, by Mike Russell, 2014
Official Photographers for the 2020 Perth Reunion
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