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2020 Perth
2-4 September 2020
2nd - 4th SEPTEMBER 2020
MUSHROOM NEWS REUNION CANCELLATION FOR 2020 The Executive of the Ops Room Association had a meeting on 25 March 2020 to discuss the Reunion for Perth 2020. It has been decided to cancel the Perth Reunion for 2 to 4 September 2020, this is due to the Coronavirus that is impacting on all of our lives. Travel Restrictions and the Limited amount of people that can gather in Venues brought us to this decision. This was hard decision to make and as the duration of the Pandemic is an unknown quantity. Some members may be under some financial hardship due to lack of work, becoming unemployed, affecting their health and wellbeing. This will allow members to be able cancel travel and accommodation arrangements as required. Considered deferring it to next year but decided against it. Once we get our Deposit back from the Hyatt Hotel, the association will refund the monies so far paid by attendees to them. Will need bank account details from paid up attendee’s so as the refunds can be processed. Email the Secretary on the email address above. It was decided that once this pandemic is over and restrictions are lifted for gatherings, travel etc that the WA team will be given the go ahead to plan and organise next Reunion whenever that may be. Special thanks must be given to Nicola and her team of helpers in the planning and getting set up for the Reunion only tohave it cancelled. Yours Aye Barney & Mitch